Is Alpha Tonic similar to a conventional tonic?

No, Alpha Tonic is not a conventional tonic.

Tonics were originally invented to remove the synthetic detergents that conventional cleansers leave on the skin. These syndets (synthetic detergents) have a negative effect on the skin’s microbiota and often alter its pH value.

The tonic supposedly balances the pH value again, but since we are talking about a complex organ with a delicate ecosystem made from bacteria, fungi and viruses, this is not quite true.

Alpha Tonic is a pre-biotic lotion that actually strengthens and preserves this fragile ecosystem. Instead of synthetic cleansers, this groundbreaking formulation uses medicinal plants and minerals to nourish and cleanse at the same time, without depositing any detrimental substances on the skin and without changing its pH value.

You could consider it therefore as the new generation of tonics. The ones that don’t try to fix what the cleanser has damaged, but the new Alpha formulation that cleanses, nourishes and strengthens in synergy with the needs of the skin’s ecosystem.


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