Is it necessary to do a double cleansing?

The Wave Cleansing technique is a profound purification ritual that combines the purifying plant nutrients of the cleanser, filtered water to facilitate the cleansing, and a cotton pad to trap dirt and toxins.

The manual hand movements mobilize the tissue of each area profoundly, allowing the cotton pad to absorb all impurities. Most rituals focus on fast rubbing in circles, which actually irritates the skin and does not remove dirt and toxins efficiently.

If you follow The Wave Cleansing Ritual correctly, in most cases you don’t need a second cleansing step.

In case you have to wear a lot of makeup or chemical sunscreen, or live in an area with a lot of dust and pollution, we recommend you introduce Nectar Immortel in your cleansing ritual as its chelating agents allow you to remove profound toxins and heavy metals from your skin.


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