What is the difference between Jouvence Divine and conventional antiaging face creams?

Jouvence Divine is the cream with the lowest water content on the market. Only 25% of the formulation is certified organic floral water. At the same time, this award-winning antiaging cream has the highest percentage of cold-press plant oils that profoundly nourish the deeper layers of the skin.

Conventional creams, both synthetic and certified organic, use synthetic or modified fats or substances such as waxes or Xanthan Gum. The skin does not recognize these substances as natural, therefore these bad fats are not absorbed and create a plastic-like layer on the skin surface.

This artificial layer is often mistaken for a positive effect of the cream, as the skin feels smooth and hydrated. But this is just an illusion, and below the layer the skin is suffocated and undernourished.

On the contrary, Jouvence Divine is absorbed instantly and nourishes the deeper layers, rejuvenating the skin from the inside.

When you switch from a cream with bad fats to Jouvence Divine, your skin may feel dry and pulling, because it is no longer covered with an artificial layer of bad fats. It may take one skin regeneration cycle (4 weeks) until your skin is regenerated thanks to the concentrated plant nutrients of Jouvence Divine.


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