What are the benefits of natural retinol in True Revelation?

Certain plants of the True Revelation formulation contain beta-carotenes, which are naturally rich in proVitamin A, the plant-based version of retinol. The carotenoids stimulate cell renewal and improve the ideal functioning of the melanocytic cells. These essential cells produce the skin pigment melanin and are the key to even skin pigmentation.

Conventional skincare uses synthetic retinoids that are produced in a lab and originate from enzymes found in milk and eggs. The skin does not recognize these substances as natural and frequently reacts with dryness, peeling, irritation and redness.

The bioretinol present in plants is potentiated and balanced by the hundreds of other beneficial components of the plant. The combination of these hundreds of natural components in their ideal dose create the ideal stimulation of cell renewal without sensitizing or stressing the skin.

Excessive cell renewal can stress the skin, which can lead to the unwanted production of free radicals. The cosmetic industry may promise fast results, but the skin is an organ with determined natural cycles and overstimulation can lead to skin aging in the long run.

True skin regeneration is a gradual process. To achieve the best and most enduring results, consistently nourish your skin with the best natural nutrients and provide it with ideal balance of stimulation, calm and regeneration.


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