How many products fit inside the gift box?

We have 2 different gift boxes available:

A6 Gift Box: In this box you can fit 2 x 100 ml-sized products, 3 x 50 ml-sized products or 5 x 15 ml-sized products.

This box is the perfect packaging for products such as:

  • Our essential products for the hair: Alpha Hair (100 ml) and Sensual Opulence (100 ml)
  • To try out our bestsellers: Midnight Rejuvenation (50 ml), Jouvence Divine (50 ml) and our make up cream Perfecting Illumination (50 ml)
  • To create a routine for your loved person with all your favorite products.

A5 Gift Box: This box is a bit bigger, and it allows you to explore multiple combinations in order to create the perfect gift with LE PURE products. You can fit 3 x 100 ml-sized products or 5 x 50 ml-sized products, or 10 x 15 ml-sized products.

This is the ideal packaging for:

  • The favorites for a refresh: Alpha Hair (100 ml), Sensual Opulence (100 ml) and Velvet Hydration (100 ml)
  • Gift the perfect antiaging routine: Jouvence Divine (50 ml), Silk Resurrection (50 ml), Midnight Rejuvenation (50 ml) True Revelation (50 ml) and Instant Liberation (50 ml)
  • Select our travel sizes to take all our favorite products with you everywhere, you can choose the same product more than one time.

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