How long do the products in the sample set last, and what results can I expect?

Included in the Sample Set are 11 samples, each being 1 ml. These give you a chance to experience the texture and the scent of the LE PURE products as well as how they feel on your skin. Each sample contains enough for 1-2 applications.

Given that the skin is a complex organ which renews every 28 – 40 days, you can expect to see the first genuine results of a new skincare routine once this full renewal cycle is complete. For this reason, you should use the LE PURE products consistently for at least 4 weeks.

If you liked the samples, we recommend you begin your LE PURE routine with the Personalized Treatment Set. This Set allows you to select 5 Products, each of 15 ml. This quantity should last 3-4 weeks, providing ample time to experience the transformation of your skin with the LE PURE formulations.


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