Do I need to rinse off Alpha Tonic with water?

Alpha Tonic is a multi-functional product and depending on the application it can be used as a leave-on or a cleansing treatment.

Keep in mind that all LE PURE products indicated for cleansing contain valuable medicinal plant nutrients. They could be also used as a nourishing product since they don’t contain any syndets (synthetic detergents) as conventional cleansers do.

As soon as the LE PURE cleansers touch the skin, even if they are applied with a cotton pad, some of the medicinal plant nutrients are absorbed. We are convinced that the only good cleansing products are the ones that only contain ingredients that you could eat.

If you are using Alpha Tonic as a cleanser, you have 2 options.

  1. Fast Cleanse: Moisten your skin with filtered water and massage 1-2 doses of Alpha Tonic into the skin. The massage with water and Alpha Tonic has mobilized the dirt and toxins and now the rinsing with filtered water is necessary to remove them from the skin.
  2. Profound Cleansing: In that case we work with a cotton pad moistened with filtered water. By executing the precise movements of The Wave Cleansing technique, the toxins and dirt get trapped in the cotton pad.If done correctly, the skin is now cleansed and already a little bit nourished as it has absorbed a small amount of the nourishing cleansing product. Your skin should feel soft and calm. Therefore rinsing the skin is not necessary and you can continue with nourishing skincare products of the LE PURE ritual.

We actually advise against rinsing the skin with water, as most tap water is hard (mineral-rich) and/or contains chlorine. These substances can enter your pores and have a negative effect on your skin.

Therefore always use filtered water and avoid unnecessary rinsing altogether. This often represents a big change for many people as they have come to associate rinsing their skin with cleanliness and freshness. We propose you try our recommendation for a couple of weeks and see how your skin reacts to this new ritual without splashing water.


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