Elisir Purificante & Calmante

Gel vegetale che rassoda, leviga, schiarisce, purifica, calma e riduce i pori. Detergente, dopobarba e gel da barba. Applicato con un dischetto di cotone, rimuove i metalli pesanti e le tossine dalla pelle.

100 ml / 3.38 fl oz


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Massima Efficienza

True antiaging for the skin starts with profound cleansing that does not harm the skin’s protective barrier. The Alpha Tonic on the contrary strengthens and protects the hydrolipidic film.

The formel was originally created for the male line, but due to its extraordinary results for all skin types we have included it in a variety of skin rituals. This vegetable gel eliminates profound toxins and heavy metals from the skin, while acting as an ultra-calming and refreshing lotion. Almost all cleansing products, even if they are certified organic, contain chemically modified substances that can harm the hydrolipidic film of the skin. The Alpha Tonic on the contrary purifies the skin with the means of micronutrients, which stimulate oxygen supply and cell renovation.

The plants naturally contain chelating agents, which can bind heavy metals that are stored in the skin. It is very hard or almost impossible to remove these profound toxins with conventional cleansing products. When the Alpha Tonic is applied with a cotton pad, the toxins from the deeper layers can be removed effectively.

The formula combines highly effective adaptogenic plants like the Lapacho, which is rich in minerals and according to numerous scientific studies has powerful antiseptic properties. The plant composition of Litsea, Cistus and Mint potentiates the antioxidants of the Lapacho.

Ingredienti / INCI

Aqua, Litsea cubeba fruit oil · Pueraria lobata root extract · Cistus ladaniferus leaf extract · Mentha spicata herb extract · Tabebuia impetiginosa bark extract · Saponaria officinalis leaf/root extract · Parfum* · Magnesium gluconate · Geranial* · Neral* · Limonene* (*dai suoi oli essenziali naturali)

How to apply

Hydration treatment: Apply a few drops on the skin to calm and hydrate.
Antipollution treatment: Apply 1-2 doses on the face and remove with a moist towel or cotton pad.
Aftershave treatment: Apply a few drops on the shaved areas and then apply 1 dose of Alpha Cream on damp skin.

Indicato per tutti i tipi di pelle

Indicato per tutti i tipi di pelle, compresa la pelle secca, sensibile, reattiva, grassa, couperose, linee di espressione e rughe, capillari fragili e con iperpigmentazione.

ALPHA TONIC 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz