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Fond de teint hydratant anti-âge. Apporte de l’éclat à la peau et procure une protection solaire physique et biologique. Les puissants nutriments intensifient la protection naturelle et protège contre les radicaux libres.

2 x 15 ml / 2 x 0.51 fl oz


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High-performance plants

The world’s first organic foundation that acts as an ultra-potent antiaging treatment. PERFECTING ILLUMINATION’s sublime, award winning formula is packed with powerful medicinal plants and mineral pigments, that create a long-lasting inside out glow.

Now also available in six colours in 15 ml format, so you can easily take them with you every day and when travelling. Choose the make-up colour you want from the drop-down menu above.

For more information about the product such as ingredients and application, please visit the product page: PERFECTING ILLUMINATION.