Sensual Opulence
Alpha Tonic
Detox Deluxe
Velvet Hydration
Jouvence Divine
Midnight Rejuvenation
Nectar Immortel
Silk Resurrection
True Revelation
Instant Liberation

10 x 15 ml / 10 x 0.51 fl oz


High-Performance plant nutrients

Our “Limited Edition” Deluxe Collection is the ideal set to get started with LE PURE. You can try 10 award-winning products and take them with you on your travels.

It contains the following products:

10 x 15 ml: Sensual Opulence, Alpha Tonic, Detox Deluxe, Velvet Hydration, Jouvence Divine, Midnight Rejuvenation, Nectar Immortel, Silk Resurrection, True Revelation, Instant Liberation