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Create your personalised Deluxe Set by selecting 10 travel-size products. All travel sizes contain 15 ml, except Zen Solaire (5 ml) and Smooth Addiction (3 ml).

Write the 10 product names in the field ‘Order Notes’ during Checkout.


Please note that for this set you need to select 10 different products, meaning you cannot choose the same product twice.

The following products are available in a 15 ml violet glass bottle:

Sensual Opulence, Alpha Tonic, Detox Deluxe, Velvet Hydration, Jouvence Divine, Way To Radiance, Perfecting Illumination, Alpha Cream, Midnight Rejuvenation, Nectar Immortel, Silk Resurrection, True Revelation, Instant Liberation, Alpha Hair, Eye Euphoria, Lumière Éternelle.

Zen Solaire is available in a 5 ml violet glass jar.

Smooth Addiction is available in a 3 ml violet glass jar.