Select 6 sachets (6 x 1 ml) of the following products:

Jouvence Divine
Way to Radiance
Alpha Cream
Velvet Hydration
Alpha Tonic
Detox Deluxe
Sensual Opulence
Midnight Rejuvenation
Nectar Immortel
Eye Euphoria
Silk Resurrection
Instant Liberation
True Revelation
Smooth Addiction
Alpha Hair

Perfecting Illumination: Ivory 1 / Light 2 / Beige 3 /
Medium 4 / Bronze 5 / Terre 6

Write the names of the 6 references in the field “Order Notes” on the order form (on the page, where you add your shipping address and payment details).

6 x 1 ml / 6 x 0.03 fl oz



Important: Squeeze the sachet with your thumbs for 5 sec.

Our creams are physical emulsions of potent organic medicinal plants and clays. Therefore you need to squeeze the sachet before opening.