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Natural Glow – Moisturising Foundation

Select 6 sachets (6 x 1 ml) of the following colors:
Perfecting Illumination: Ivory 1, Light 2, Beige 3, Medium 4, Bronze 5, Terre 6.

Write the names of the 6 colors in the field “Order Notes” on the order form (on the page where you add your shipping address and payment details). For example: 2 x Light, 2 x Beige, 2 x Medium.

6 x 1 ml / 6 x 0.03 fl oz



Important: Squeeze the sachet with your thumbs for 5 sec.

Our creams are physical emulsions of potent organic medicinal plants and clays. Therefore you need to squeeze the sachet before opening.

For more information about the product such as ingredients and application, please visit the product page: PERFECTING ILLUMINATION.