This cream is a natural emulsion and only contains active ingredients. Gently squeeze the sample before opening to distribute all components of the cream evenly.

    Moisten your skin with VELVET HYDRATION or mineral water. Apply the cream on damp skin and distribute it gently.

    In order to detect its difference from other creams, we recommend that you try the cream by itself and not in combination with synthetic products. If possible do not apply make up, except eye make up.

    This special formulation may be a new experience for your skin, as the cream does not stay on the surface of your skin, but penetrates into the deeper layers. It may take a few days for you to get used to this new sensation and the regeneration process that takes place.


    Skin types with delicate capillaries (small blood vessels in your skin) will experience an increase in skin tonicity (firmness) with a slight hyperemia (increased blood flow to the skin). The cream’s nutrients stimulate the skin and the result is a natural lifting. This is a positive process, which activates the circulation, improves elasticity and regenerates the tissue.

    Creams with hydrogenated or mineral oils provide you with a false sensation of nutrition as they create a layer on top of your skin and they masque the natural tension of the skin. The absence of this layer may feel strange at first and seem that the cream does not nourish sufficiently.

    You will get used to this new sensation fast and love the feeling of your skin breathing freely without any greasy layer on top. The skin can now absorb all the nutrients in the cream and after using it for an entire skin cycle (26-28 days) you will notice the cream’s real benefits.

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