Night Application



In the evening it is essential that you remove all toxins and residues that have accumulated on your skin such as make up, creams, pollution and internal toxins segregated by the skin itself. NECTAR IMMORTEL provides a deep purification without depositing synthetic additives on your skin, which are commonly found in soap and cleansing products. At the same time it cleanses and purifies, it also remineralizes the skin and it with essential nutrients.

In combination with MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION we have developed a process, where you purify and nourish your skin in 1 step. It provides you with the ideal combination of nutrients that your skin needs to regenerate itself overnight.

Moisten a cotton pad with water and add 2 doses of NECTAR IMMORTEL and then 2 doses of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION. Gently massage your face with spiral movements as shown in the picture and the video. The cotton pad will gather all impurities and at the same time you give your face a lymph drainage massage.

Start with one half of the face first, then repeat on the other half with a new cotton pad. Do not forget your neck and cleavage, as these sensitive areas also need treatment and will show signs of premature ageing if neglected.

If you wear a lot of make up, you may need to repeat the process above. At the end you can apply a few drops of both products directly onto your skin and gently tab the skin with your fingertips.

You can adapt the dosification of each product to your skin’s particular needs:

Oily / Acne prone skin: We recommend 3 doses of NECTAR IMMORTEL and 2 doses of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION.

Dry skin: We recommend 2 doses of NECTAR IMMORTEL and 3 doses of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION.

If your skin is balanced then 2 doses of each are the correct indication for your skin.