Do not touch or squeeze pimples! Apply a few drops of NECTAR IMMORTEL or the masque INSTANT LIBERATION.

You can recognise acne by pimples and blackheads in the face. Acne is an inflammatory process which develops in the hair roots of the sebaceous glands. The produced sebum clogs the hair roots, inflates them and causes the development of black heads and pimples. The reasons for acne can be hormonal imbalance, unbalanced diet, stress, diseases and/or medications. 



The phenomenon of oily skin of young people is very common and most of the times related to acne. When the hormonal balance is reestablished after the puberty, the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands stops and therefore the production of the sebaceous secretion normalises.


However, in some cases the skin remains oily into adulthood; especially in the nose and chin area and can lead to enlarged pores.  Acne in women can be caused by inadequate cosmetics, the pill, medication or hormonal unbalance.

Even if this skin seems to have less wrinkles it does not have a radiant skin tone. To regenerate the skin you have to cleanse it regularly, provide it with moisture and lipids and free it from toxins.

Can regular sunbathing cure acne?

Sun exposure cannot cure acne in any case; actually the sun is worsening acne. The first contact with sun might seem to dry out the skin but the ultraviolet B rays cause a thickening of the epidermis. This can cause cysts and black spots. As a result acne mostly gets worse at the end of a vacation or summer.

Additional advice in case of Acne

  • balance nutrition
  • after shaving men should use NECTAR IMMORTEL or shaving foam that is not irritating
  • do not squeeze black heads
  • try to avoid heavy sun exposure (especially at noon)
  • take a peat bath treatment for face and body
  • algae treatments