We only select ingredients of the highest quality.

We produce our own extracts made from organic certified plants.

We use plants from organic agriculture, as their nutritional substances are more effective for the skin.

We use unrefined vegetable oils.

We don’t use any ingredients of animal origin.


We select only plants and natural, edible substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

We have decided not use additives such as: carbopol, silicones, petroleum derivates (parafin, mineral oil), parabenes, hydrogenated fats, artificial perfumes and colorants.


Marie’s extensive experience with cosmetic formulas has enabled her to create formulas that only include active ingredients and to eliminate all unnecessary artificial substances. Her scientific know how enables her to select the best ingredients for each product and to define the optimal dosis of each substance. The result of this complex formulation process is a line of highly effective products that complement each other.


All LE PURE products have been certified organic by CPAEN, which not only certifies the organic origin of our ingredients, but also periodically controls the processes and activities of our laboratory.

Furthermore we only work with providers, who share our environmental consciousness.