Skin Focus

This treatment is based on the treatment Skin Radiance and treats specific problem areas of the skin additionally.

The adequate application of the LE PURE products gets combined with the Dien Chan technique and the suitable tools to optimise the results. The treatment can be individually adapted to the following areas: eye area (tear sac, wrinkles), skin with impurities and acne, double chin and pigment spots. Depending on the skin type a repetition of the therapy and the daily use of the products at home are recommended.


The treatment creates a smooth, soft and radiant skin. Skin Radiance helps to protect the skin and milden the signs of aging.


  • cleanses the skin even in the deeper skin layers and stimulates its self-healing
  • neutralises free radicals and rebalances the skin
  • closes the pores and remineralises the skin
  • strengthens the skin structure
  • nurtures the skin with the maximum concentration of bioavailable substances


45 minutes


face, neck, cleavage and additional treatment of the following areas: eyes, impurities/acne, pigment spots, double chin


for every age and skin type


Depending on age and skin needs from once per week up to once per month. Additionally the daily use of the relevant LE PURE products at home.