The essence of LE PURE’s therapeutic beauty treatment is the fusion of luxury organic skincare with a unique facial massage. Highly effective manual techniques combined with specifically designed tools create a highly effective and longlasting lifting. This intensive course is designed to focus on the practice of these techniques and the transmission of deep knowledge about the mechanisms of skin regeneration.

The treatment was developed by facial therapist Mariona Vilanova to provide the most efficient manual techniques in a ritual for the face, neck and décolleté. A combination of centuries-old techniques and tools that provide a deep stimulation, which is further potentiated by the botanical masterpieces of LE PURE. The effects are immediately visible after the first treatment, and increase even more with regular sessions.

The highly concentrated active ingredients of LE PURE and the perfect balance of formulas boost the effects of the treatment and activate the cell regeneration from within. The treatment detoxifies, regenerates, activates the blood circulation and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin.



This therapeutic beauty treatment is a sensorial experience that rejuvenates and deeply relaxes the skin. The visible effect is a natural lifting that gives the skin a natural glow and a firm texture. The treatment reduces pigmentation, wrinkles, dark circles, bags and flaccid skin in the face and on the neck. The ritual provides a deep relaxation and creates physical as well as emotional well-being, which is reflected in a calm and radiant face.

The deep stimulation of facial tissue is activated with the “Cupping” technique. For this ritual, Mariona Vilanova has developed special ceramic cupping instruments. The shape and the material of this lifting cup have been designed to achieve the optimal results while being pleasant and non-invasive. A massage with spheres made of Shungit stone is performed, transmitting an exceptionally calming and balancing energy to the skin.

The centuries-old Kansawand is used to activate profound cell renewal. The manual hand techniques are a selection of the most effective techniques of the Ko-bido massage and others.



The LE PURE products optimize the effects of the massage techniques thanks to their composition of 100% active plant nutrients. All ingredients are processed with physical transformation methods to preserve the maximum of botanical nutrients.

The skin can instantly recognize all ingredients and transport them into its deepest layers. The highly concentrated plant substances act in synergy with the massage techniques and induce a profound cell regeneration from within the skin.