Ancient Wisdom

This facial combines ancient manual techniques with the highly concentrated LE PURE products. Ancient Wisdom is an effective anti-aging treatment which also treats effectively skin with wrinkles, pigment spots and pallid skin.


The treatment creates a natural lifting and a noticeable  rejuvenation of the skin. Ancient Wisdom stimulates the dermal musculature, activates the collagen production and is a natural alternative to botox treatments.


  • cleanses the skin even in the deeper skin layers
  • stimulates the elimination of toxins and and removes fluid retention
  • neutralises free radicals and rebalances the skin
  • closes the pores and remineralises the skin
  • strengthens the dermal musculature and reduces wrinkles and skin sagging
  • treats pigment spots
  • improves the skin tone by stimulating the dermal musculature
  • the skin seems healthier, fresher and younger and premature aging gets prevented simultaneously
  • strengthens the skin’s self-healing and self-supply by moisturising it
  • relaxes the dermal musculature and the neck area


60 minutes


face, neck and cleavage


for every age and skin type


Depending on age and skin needs from once per week up to once per month.

Additionally the daily use of the relevant LE PURE products at home.